9 Trendy Blouse designs

9 Trendy Blouse designs

9 Trendy Blouse designs


     While there is a magnificent craze surrounding sarees, the most ravishing Indian attire, it’s impeccable counterpart “blouse” holds a special mention too. This gives rise to the question of whether equal importance is given to both sarees as well as blouses. The answer to it though has evolved over the years. In this blog, let us introspect about different types of blouses, which are loved by women, and makes an impeccable Indian attire, which accentuates the beauty.


The legend of the blouses goes a long way, wherein the 6th century, a three-piece attire comprising the Antriya, the lower garment; the Uttariya, a veil worn over the shoulder or the head. Stanapatta, a chest-band which is worn by women at those times. This was known as Poshak, meaning attire or ensemble. Often the Stanapatta, which resembles the current day blouses was neglected. When were the blouses introduced to Indian Women? It was by Mrs. Nyananandini Debi, the wife of Satyendranath Tagore who popularized the concept of blouses, jackets, and the modern style of the sari in India under the British Raj when she was denied entry into clubs for being bare-breasted.

 Blouse designs:

The most famous type of blouse designing is Embroidery which is a form of needlework that is used to embellish fabrics and textiles for decorating, clothing, and many more. It adds color, texture, dimension, and intrinsic value to the fabric. In ancient times, people guessed eachother’s social status, wealth, and ethnicity by just looking at the type of material the fabric has been embroidered with. Embroidery accentuates the beauty and adds charm. Some of the famous embroidery designs include classic Kadai, Chikankari, zari work, patchwork embroidery, etc. While they remain to be the top favorites in a bride’s trousseau, designers are now experimenting with different fabrics such as ikkat, mulmul, kalamkari, Chettinad cotton, Ajrakh prints, etc. to make a fashion statement.

Current designs and Boho-fashion:

Blouse designs have evolved over the years and currently, it has become an important component to complete the look of the saree. By 1940s Indian cinema started flourishing and produced many stars such as Vaijyanti Mala, Nutan, Nargis, and Meena Kumari wore long-sleeved blouses and remained the style influencers of their age. Designers have developed a palette of alluring, exquisite, and classy designs to suit the needs of a wide range of customers.

  • Ruffled: Bell sleeved/ruffle sleeved blouses have gained momentum in the fashion industry in a very short period. Pair it up with a simple or a frilled saree to create a chic look. (Material: Ikat)


  • Boat neck blouses: The princess necklined blouse cut is a go-to option for an effortless simple yet classy look. Easy, isn’t it? (Material: Ikat)


  • Turtle neck blouses: This close necked blouse design helps to create an electric outfit that can be comfortably worn to cocktail parties.


  • Deep V neck:For those who don’t mind a plunging neckline, deep V neck is a safe bet to create a stunning showstopper. Wear a sequined V necked blouse to the next party to get heads turned. So ladies, its time to unleash the fashionista out of you!

  • Button-down back: This style is suitable for all ages that it gifts an instant lift up to the regular sarees and presents a royal look altogether. (Material: Kalamkari)


  • Cape styled blouses: For an enticing contemporary look, opt for cape sleeved blouses to level up your blouse game.

  • Plain full-sleeved blouses: This design stands as an amazing example of old is gold! The trend of wearing full-sleeved blouses with simple sarees is gaining popularity among the fashion influencers.

  • Cold-shoulder: Young ladies who don’t want to compromise for a full traditional look, this style is a godsend for you. Wear it with pearls or beaded detailing for a grand look.


  • Puff sleeved blouses: This one never goes out of Vogue. Pair up any saree with a puff-sleeved blouse to set the trend game on!


The Bohemian style currently stands as the top favorite among celebrities and designers when it comes to styling a saree look which is both traditional as well as contemporary. Clothes such as shirts, sweaters, and high necked Victorian blouses are used along with saree to create the Boho look. Opt for an ikkat or kalamkari fabric with a simple saree to present a flamboyant style statement.



Drapery is an art, and Indians have mastered it. While the blouse accentuated the beauty of the saree, it also complemented much to the beauty and elegance. The journey of saree and blouses has indeed come a full circle.  Intentionally or unintentionally the film industry has contributed a high stake in determining the current trend and fashions. Also, the enthralling traditions of our country have provided as a source of inspiration for designers. Thus, designers are now able to combine and create versatile designs.


 Images courtesy : Pinterest